1. Accounting Office: Year-End Guidelines | 2017 Suggested Year-End guidelines are available

2. Accounting Office: 2017 1099, W-2 Forms and ACA Form Printing | It’s that time again! 2017 1099, W-2 Forms and ACA Forms Printing information are available

3. Parts Department: Physical Inventory | ‘Tis the season for Parts Physical Inventory

4. Auto/Mate Holiday Business Hours

5. Recent Enhancements | Retired Accounting Program 10, Revised Accounting Bank Reconciliation Processing, Warn or Require customer information when adding/editing a customer, Customer Value, NADA Bookout in Desk/Mate, Parts Supersessions Enhancement





Year-End Guidelines

Read up on our suggested year-end guidelines for Accounting, Accounts Payable, and Payroll on the AMU Portal Message Center.

It’s that time again! – The 2017 1099 & W-2 Forms and ACA Forms Printing

The ordering information for 2017 1099 and W-2 Forms are now available. The information provides ordering quantities, pricing, and two ways to place your orders (via email or phone).

We also have the ordering or renewal information for the ACA Form Printing Subscription.
All the ordering work orders, pricing, and information are on the AMU Portal Message Center.




‘Tis the season for Parts Physical Inventory!

Are you ready to perform your annual Parts Physical Inventory? We have documents and tutorial videos on how to process it in Auto/Mate. All are available on the AMU Portal Message Center.



The list of Auto/Mate’s upcoming holiday business hours is available on the AMU Portal Message Center. Check it out!



Enhancements included in the latest software releases:

Accounting Program 35: Bank Reconciliation Processing

  • Bank Reconciliation Processing in the Accounting Module has been updated. This program makes it easier to view All or Outstanding items which are sorted by Debits and Credits. Reconciling is also easier with the point and click features.

Accounting Program 10: Transaction Adjustment/Reversal

Parts Supersessions

  • The parts supersessions enhancement will allow for better parts migration and inventory tracking of superseded parts.

Warn or Require customer information in the Name Database

  • The Unified Name Database now has a new feature that allows the System Administrator to either require specific information in a Name File or to warn an employee that certain information is missing.

Customer Value

  • Customer Value | With the right security access, you now have the option to see the business your customers have done by departments in great detail in the name database.

Sales and F&I

  • NADA Bookout in Desk/Mate | This new feature will allow you bookout the NADA true value of the trade and sold vehicles in Desk/Mate™. For those dealers that already have the integration in the Customer/Mate™ (CRM) module will automatically see the Desk/Mate integration upon activation.

All the “How To” documents and detailed information are available on the AMU Portal Message Center.

Don't forget to check out these important announcements!



Parts Cashiering coming soon – Test your Printers Today

Parts Cashiering is coming soon. Prior to receiving the Cashiering update, the Parts PDF Print feature MUST be activated at your dealership..

*Prior to Parts PDF Print activation, make sure your Parts Printers are capable of printing PDF copies*

For those dealers that have completed the printer test, Parts PDF Print activation is currently underway.

We have created a one-page document that illustrates how to test your printers in a few simple steps. We also have a “How To” document to show you what’s new in the enhancement. The documents are available on the AMU Portal Message Center and Reference Center. Search using the keywords: Parts PDF.

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