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A DMS With a Personal Touch

Auto/Mate is revolutionizing the way in which our clients’ voices are heard. Our Customer Loyalty Program is the embodiment of Auto/Mate’s By Car People, For Car People™ slogan. This program was created with one goal in mind: to proactively reach out to every single account to make sure things are going in the right direction.

The traditional support systems or customer success programs we see from our competitors are reactive, and are usually just an attempt at selling customers more bells and whistles. Very few, if any, DMS providers have an outreach program in place designed to preserve and elevate your level of success.

Our Customer Loyalty Team is calling our customers to discover:

Our Customer Loyalty Program represents the Auto/Mate difference you’ve come to know and can always expect. So pick up the phone the next time you get a call from one of our Customer Loyalty Specialists. We’d love to talk!

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