Your Dealership is Scheduled for New Feature Activation Within the Next TEN DAYS.

Feature/Enhancements to be Activated:

New Deal Close Out and Deal Unwind in Sales & Finance Module

The New Deal Close Out and Deal Unwind will allow dealers to close out deals in the Sales & Finance Module instead of accessing the F&I module. In conjunction with previous Sales & Finance enhancements, this will now allow dealership employees to work on deals, print forms, bill out, close out, and unwind deals all in the Sales & Finance Module.

What Will Happen to the F&I Menu During Close Out Activation?

What To Expect During Activation?

Activation: The activation will take place overnight

Update Download: No update to download

Who Will Benefit? ALL Dealers

Training: Please visit the AMU Training Center and access a Learning Path labeled “* New Feature Activation Training – Deal Close Out & Deal Unwind in Sales & Finance” and review a short document. The document has step by step instructions on how to close out and unwind a deal in Sales & Finance.

The short document is also available on AMU Reference Center. Use search keyword: DCO.

What’s the Cost?

No additional cost!

 Have a Question About Activation?

Contact the Go Team directly at 518.831.2200 or click here and send us an email!

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