It’s Customer Service Week!

Customer Service Week Tips

1) Decorate to build excitement! Flyers, banners, and balloons around the office can help boost the moods of your employees.

2) Have a little activity for each day that week. A fun ‘customer service’ themed crossword puzzle or word search for each person on the team is a small reminder of the celebration.

3) Make handwritten thank you cards or a short note for each team member.

4) Feed them! Catered lunch, morning bagels or a dessert really lets them know that they’re appreciated.

5) Create special awards that are personalized for each member on the team.

6) Go to Happy Hour! Extending the celebration past the work day is a good way for team members to bond in a different setting.

There are so many other ways to show your appreciation – be creative – any little sign of gratitude matters.

Hear from our Customer Service Employees

At Auto/Mate, we pride ourselves in providing the best possible support for our customers. We asked some of our employees what drives them; if these Q&A results don’t inspire you, we’re not sure what will!

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Q: What is our purpose at Auto/Mate?

Ken Rock, Customer Care Manager:
“To provide the best customer support.”

Tom Moriarty, F&I/Sales Support Manager:
“To provide dealers with the best, most user friendly software, and assist them in the most efficient manner possible.”

Recenia Greene, Customer Support Representative:
“To help dealerships with their needs to keep them going.”

Q: Why are we in business?

Doug Hakkinen, F&I Support Specialist:
“Because of our clients!”

Recenia Greene, Customer Support Representative:
“Because we care about the dealerships and love helping them any way we can.”

Jan Daurio, GoTeam Ninja:
“We are in business to make the lives of our current customer and prospects much easier and seamless.”

Q: How do we benefit customers?

Jim Motler, F&I/Sales Support Specialist:
“Getting our customers fast, accurate help with their problems with Auto/Mate.”

Christina Tovar, Accounting Support Specialist:
“We are there when they need us.”

Michael Bonak, Fixed Ops Support Specialist:
“By having a strong background in our areas & being passionate about sharing that knowledge with them.”

Q: What do we aspire to become?

Ken Rock, Customer Care Manager:
“The ultimate customer service support specialist in the industry.”

Mike Kemp-McCoy, F&I/Sales Support Specialist:
“The best DMS in the industry with a smile!”

Jan Daurio, GoTeam Ninja:
“The overall best at software and support.”

Q: What gets you out of the bed in the morning to come to work?

Steve Cedar, Service Support Specialist:
“The next adventure.”

Tom Moriarty, F&I/Sales Support Manager:
“The desire to problem solve and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it.”

Jim Vavreck, Accounting Support Specialist:
“Knowing that I have helped others today.”

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”

Roy Disney

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