The NEW Cash Receipts Module automatic activation process will begin on April 24th, 2017 for dealers that have not yet self-activated. Prior to the automatic activation, the minimum required setup will be completed for you.

*One week prior to activating your dealership, we will display a “Coming Soon” pop-up notification. Please review the “How To…” documents or videos on AMU Portal*

In the meantime, if you have not already activated it, we have created some terrific step-by-step instructions on how to set up, use, and activate this enhancement. Documentation and Videos will easily take you through turning it on and they are all available on the AMU Portal Message Center.



As of May 1st, 2017, AMPS Software will require Java version 8!

Java 7 support by Oracle ended over two years ago and since then, there have been no security updates for the Java 7 product. Accordingly, as of May 1st, Auto/Mate is now discontinuing support for the AMPS Software on PCs with Java version 7. If your dealership has PCs with Java version 7, those PCs have been warning of this for several months on a RED banner at the top of AMPS.

The upgrade to Java 8 is free to upgrade and websites such as the link shown below are available to guide you through the upgrade process if needed.

We highly recommend that the upgrade to be completed prior to May 1st in order for AMPS software to function uninterrupted on PCs that are currently running Java 7.

One of the websites with the upgrade process is: https://techhelpkb.com/how-to-update-java-on-your-computer/

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What’s NEW in recent AMPS Updates?

Version 3.3.493 and higher

This update contains the enhancements in version 3.3.462

Parts Highlights:

  • A new look and improved performance for Parts Program 28: Display Audit Transaction Journal.

Service Highlights:

  • There is now an option to View/Print RO in Service Front End

F&I Desk/Mate Highlights:

  • We have added two new Deal Sale Types (Fleet and Dealer Trade) in Desk/Mate


Version 3.3.462 and higher

Service Highlights:

  • Print each Repair Order Invoice Copy to a different printer
  • Print Repair Orders and Invoice Copies in Grey Scale on color printers
  • Improved the Tech Time report in the Dispatch Module
  • Export the Open RO list to a .csv file

Vehicle Merchandising:

  • Define & Default Inventory Vehicles’ Ownership Control Numbers and Names
  • Track and View Inventory Vehicle Historical Owner Information

The “How To” documents are available on the AMU Portal Message Center.


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