The NEW Cash Receipts Module automatic activation process is underway for dealers that have not yet self-activated. We will continue to activate dealers in small groups. Prior to the automatic activation, the minimum required setup will be completed for you.

*One week prior to activating your dealership, we will display a “Coming Soon” pop-up notification. Please review the “How To…” documents or videos on AMU Portal*

In the meantime, if you have not already activated it, we have created some terrific step-by-step instructions on how to set up, use, and activate this enhancement. Documentation and Videos will easily take you through turning it on and they are all available on the AMU Portal Message Center.



Warranty Labor Time Guide Enhancement

The Chrysler Warranty Labor Time Guide enhancement includes many easy to use features like one-screen processing, a wiring repair location diagram, the ability to import multiple operation codes into the Detailed Labor Ops screen, and more.

This enhancement will be deployed to all Chrysler dealers on Monday, beginning on May 22, 2017.
For detailed information and a “How To” document, visit the AMU Portal Message Center or search using keyword: Chrysler LTG.



Operation Code Description Override

The Rev/Mate application enhancement includes a new op-code description override feature. Op-code descriptions for online scheduled appointments will be replaced with the master file op-code complaint description if the op-code exists in the master file when the appointment is written in the Service Front End. Requested by multiple dealers, this new feature will display short descriptions on Rev/Mate for customers but provide a detailed description to their advisors and technicians on the Repair Order.

For detailed information and a “How To” document, visit the AMU Portal Message Center.

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