1. ATTENTION OFFICE MANAGERS: | The 2018 Federal Withholding Rates Tax Table document has been revised as of 2/2/2018 due to an error that was identified

2. ATTENTION CHRYSLER DEALERS OFFICE MANAGERS | 1/23/2018 Chrysler Financial Statement Revision!

3. Accounting Office: | 2018 Financial Statement Updates are now available for most manufacturers

4. Accounting Office: 2017 Year-End Guidelines | 1099/W-2 Forms Ordering and ACA Printing

5. Recent Enhancements | AMPS Texting: Admin View and Text screen sharing enhancement rollout is underway, Sales/F&I: You can now email scheduled reports in Report/Mate, Vehicle Merchandising: You can now print vehicle inventory list report and vehicle information





2018 Financial Statement Updates

The 2018 Financial Statement (FS) updates are now available on AMU Portal Reference Center for the manufacturers listed below. To access these documents, search using keywords: 2018 FS Updates.

Note: There are NO CHANGES to the following manufacturers Financial Statements for the 2018 model year.


Based on feedback from our dealers regarding the new Memo: Vol. Incentives accounts, we have revised the 2018 Chrysler financial statement program. Please refer to the revised FS Update Guideline for guidance on how to update your system.

2018 Federal Withholding Tax Table Information

The Early Release of the 2018 Federal Withholding tax tables and notable changes information is now available. For those dealers that are using the old version of the Payroll Module, the document is now available on the AMU Portal Reference Center and also in the “2017 Suggested Payroll Year End Guidelines” announcement on the AMU Message Center.


An error was identified in the screenshot of the Federal Withholding Rates Tax Table document and it has been revised as of 2/2/2018. Please update the highlighted field.

Tax Table


Year-End Guidelines

Read up on our suggested year-end guidelines for Accounting, Accounts Payable, and Payroll on the AMU Portal Message Center.

It’s that time again! – The 2017 1099 & W-2 Forms and ACA Forms Printing


2017 1099 / W-2 Forms and ACA Form Printing Subscription Ordering

The ordering information for 2017 1099 and W-2 Forms are now available. The information provides ordering quantities, pricing, and two ways to place your orders (via email or phone).

We also have the ordering or renewal information for the ACA Form Printing Subscription.
All the ordering work orders, pricing, and information are on the AMU Portal Message Center.



Enhancements included in the latest software releases:

AMPS Texting Admin View

Email Scheduled Report in Report/Mate

Print Vehicle Inventory List Report and Vehicle Information

All the “How To” documents and detailed information are available on the AMU Portal Message Center and Reference Center.


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