Price File| Part Number Supersession Errors in April Price Update File. Click Here!


User Summit 2019| 2019 Auto/Mate User Summit Location, Date, and Registration Info Available. Click Here!


New| New Temp Tag Number field in the Desk/Mate. Click Here!

New| New Monthly Sales Extract Report in Desk/Mate. Click Here!


Parts and Service CashieringCashiering Rollout is Back in Full Swing. Click Here!

F&I Sales| F&I Billing Forms Menu & Printing Forms and Billing Deals in Desk/Mate


System Administrators| Clearing Printer Queues in System Utilities. Click Here!

Toyota Dealers| Toyota TIS Integration in Auto/Mate Service Front End. Click Here!


Subaru Parts Supersession Errors in April 2019 Price File

Subaru has announced the following parts supersession errors in the April 2019 Parts Price Update File.

Please delete the supersession chain between:

Please update the following chain:

Also delete the supersession chain between:


User Summit 2019

Auto/Mate’s annual User Summit is back! You’ll get a chance to hear from other customers, share experiences, and talk one-on-one with our developers to improve the Auto/Mate user experience. This is your dealership’s opportunity to help drive the direction of our software. Learn about new features and best practices, attend department breakout sessions and speaker sessions and network with your peers and industry partners at Auto/Mate’s Customer User Summit.

Wednesday, October 23 – Friday, October 25, 2019

The Westin Nashville, 807 Clark Place, Nashville, TN 37203

Register before July 12, 2019 to secure early bird pricing!

Click Here to Visit Our Event Page!


New “Temp Tag Number” Field in Desk/Mate Module

The MO Monthly Sales Report/Extract is moving to the Desk/Mate Module. In preparation for that change, there is a NEW “Temp Tag #” field in the Desk/Mate Module. We advise our Missouri Dealers who are using the Desk/Mate Module to begin entering the Vehicle Temp Tag Number in the new field before closing F&I Deals starting in March and going forward.

Note: The Temp Tag Numbers that are entered in the Comment field on the Co-Buyer screen will not transfer to the new field in Desk/Mate.

To access the new field:
1. Click on “Edit Vehicle” on the main vehicle screen in Desk/Mate.
2. Enter the Temp Tag # in the new field.
3. Save when done.

Note: A closed F&I Deal beginning in March without a Temp Tag Number in Desk/Mate may need to be reopened to have the Temp Tag Number readded in order to be on the Report.

AMPS Version: 3.4.341 or Higher. Click here for the location of your current AMPS version.

New Monthly Sales Extract/Report in Desk/Mate Module

The Monthly Sales Extract/Report has been moved to the Desk/Mate Module. This report will allow Missouri dealers to generate the monthly F&I Sales Report, extract, and submit the report to the MO Department of Revenue (DOR).

We have created a short document that illustrates the steps for new security permission and how to use the new report. The document is in the AMU Reference Center. Search using the keyword: MO-Sales-Report

AMPS Version: 3.4.356 or Higher. Click here for the location of your current AMPS version.


After a Short Slowdown to Allow Dealers to Complete to Year-End Process, the Parts and Service Cashiering Rollout is Back in Full Swing!

We now have a New Parts Cashiering program and Revised Service Cashiering program. Both programs will be integrated with the Cash Receipts Module to create Parts and Service Cash Receipts automatically when Repair Orders and Invoices are Cashed Out.

Key Features

New Parts Cashiering

Redesigned Service Cashiering

The general rollout to all dealers is underway!

We will be migrating dealers in groups. If you want to get it sooner, email the Go Team or call us at 518-831-2200.

For a smooth migration for your dealership, we have created a Learning Path on the AMU Portal Training Center that contains documents and tutorial videos. Encourage your employees to review the training materials prior to activation.

To access the Learning Path, select TRAINING CENTER and click on MY LEARNING PATHS. The learning path titled “New Feature Activation Training – New Parts & Service Cashiering and Cash Receipts Reconciliation” contains documents and tutorial videos to help your Service, Parts, Cashiers, and Office employees learn the basic functions of the new Cashiering features and know what to expect during migration.

New F&I Billing Forms Menu & Printing Forms and Billing Deals in Desk/Mate

We have redesigned the F&I Forms Menu in Program 7, Option 3 and Printing Forms in Program 13 in the F&I Billing Module. We have also added new features to Printing Forms and Billing Deals in the Desk/Mate Module.

Key Features

Forms Management Menu, F&I Billing Module Program 7, Option 3

F&I Billing Program 13: Print Forms AND Printing Forms in Desk/Mate

*eDeal Digital Signature is an add-on product. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for details.

Billing Deals in Desk/Mate

The general rollout to all dealers is underway!

We will update dealers in groups and will be notified via the AMU “Heads Up” announcement. In the meantime, we have created a Learning Path on the AMU Portal Training Center that contains review documents. Check it out!

On the AMU screen, click on TRAINING CENTER option and then select MY LEARNING PATHS. The learning path titled “New Feature Activation Training – New F&I Forms Menu & Billing Deals/Printing Forms in Desk/Mate” contains short documents to learn the basic functions of the above enhancements.


Clearing Printer Queues

We’ve added a System Administrator tool in the System Utilities Module to clear Printer Queues. 

 To use this tool:

  1. Click on Admin Tool.

  2. Select Clear Print Queue from the dropdown list.

  3. Select the print jobs you want to clear by pressing Ctrl or Shift key and click on the print jobs to select individual or all print jobs.

  4. Click on Delete to clear the print jobs.

AMPS Version: 3.4.350 or Higher. Click here for the location of your current AMPS version.

Toyota TIS Integration in Auto/Mate Service Front End

Auto/Mate has added an integration with Toyota’s Technical Information System (TIS) in the Service Front End. This will allow dealers to view information pertaining to a customer’s vehicle, including recall information and beyond.

Accessing the Toyota TIS

Select Toyota TMS to open a new tab within AMPS to display the Toyota TIS site. From there, you can log in to get technical information.

Through Service Front End (SFE), Service personnel can right-click on any vehicle set as an appointment or any created Repair Order to access Toyota TIS.

The Quick Reference Guide is also available in the AMU Reference Center. Search keyword “TIS“.

AMPS Version: 3.4.345 or Higher. Click here for the location of your current AMPS version.

Check your AMPS Version below.

This sample screenshot shows where your current AMPS Version will be displayed.

Check your Server Version below.

This sample screenshot shows where your current Server Version will be displayed.

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