Payroll | New Deduction Code Effective Start & End Date. Click Here!


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Parts & Service Cashiering | The Cashiering Rollout is in Full Swing. Click Here!


Internal Taxing | Option to Apply Tax on Internal Repair Order Lines. Click Here!

Ford eREACT | Option to Pre-Populate the eREACT Repair Type & Service Dept Info on RO Lines. Click Here!

Integrated Credit Card | Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay Are Now Accepted. Click Here!

Payroll | New Feature to Hide Employee SSN on Various Payroll Reports. Click Here!

Attention office managers/controllers

Payroll Deduction Code Effective START & END Date

A new feature has been added to the Payroll Deduction codes to allow you to set an Effective Start and/or End Date to a specific deduction code. Deduction codes setup with effective dates can be used to automatically start and end the payroll deduction using the assigned dates.

For additional information on how to use this new feature, a short document is now available on the AMU Portal Reference Center. Use the search keyword: Effective-Dates

AMPS Version: 3.5.456 or Higher. Click here for the location of your current AMPS version.

Enhancement to Hide Social Security Number on Payroll Reports

The Hide SSN feature allows employees with proper security permissions to hide social security numbers (except the last four digits) on several Payroll reports, including:

Security Permissions

In order to be able to hide social security numbers on reports, an employee must have the Can View SSN and Can Edit SSN permissions, located under Privileged Rights in the Name Management section of System Utilities.

If an employee has the rights mentioned above, the Hide SSN (Except Last 4 Digits) on Report checkbox below will be available to utilize. As a default, this box will be checked. The employee must uncheck the box to view the full social security number.

Note: The Hide SSN checkbox will not appear unless an employee has been given the Can View SSN and Can Edit SSN security permissions.

Once the employee selects Generate Report, the social security number will display as shown below. To view the full social security number, the box must be unchecked before generating the report.

Note: Prior to running any UI State Quarterly Extracts, the Hide SSN checkbox, located under Report Options, must be unchecked or the file will fail upon submission to the state.


Repair Order Internal Taxing Control

Auto/Mate now offers the option to apply tax on an Internal Repair Order line. To activate RO internal taxing, the System Administrator must access Service Program 10: System Information File, Option 1: Company Information and set Tax Internals to Y.

Taxing will follow the tax setting configured in the Name Database. Inventory ownership can be set to not tax. Access to Inventory Ownership can be found in System Configuration under Vehicle Merchandising Setup.

Uncheck Taxable for each Inventory Ownership.  

Individual Op Codes can also be set to not taxable. To configure this, access Service Program 9: Create/Edit Labor Operations and select an Op Code. Under Taxing Override, select the Don’t Tax Parts and/or Don’t Tax Labor checkboxes.

AMPS Version: 3.5.440 or Higher. Click here for the location of your current AMPS version.

WorldPay / Auto/Mate Integrated Credit Card Processing

If your dealership uses the Integrated WorldPay Credit Card processing in Auto/Mate, you now have the option to process Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay payments using the existing Credit Card keypads.

Note: There is NO additional setup required in Auto/Mate and the current Credit Card processing steps also apply when processing the above-mentioned payments.

For additional information, please contact WorldPay.


Ford EReact Repair Type Code and Servicing Department Settings

The Ford EReact default setting can be found in Service Program 19: Send Service Data to DCS System, Option 91: Dealer Information, Option F4: CUD Dfl. Enter the default Servicing Department (Body Shop, Service Department, etc.) and default Customer Type (Retail, Internal, etc.).

Individual Op Codes can be set to Ford EReact Repair Type Code and Servicing Department Code. To set this up, access Service Program 9: Create/Edit Labor Operations and select the Op Code. Under Ford, choose the Repair Type Code and Service Department from the dropdown.

This will benefit Ford dealers operating a Quick Lane and/or Body Shop. Those associated Op Codes with the correct EReact Repair Type Code and/or Servicing Department will correctly report the information to Ford EReact without it being manually entered on each Repair Order line.

AMPS Version: 3.5.440 or Higher. Click here for the location of your current AMPS version.


Deal Close Out in Desk/Mate is HERE!

The New Deal Close Out and Deal Unwind in Desk/Mate will allow dealers to close out deals in the Desk/Mate module instead of accessing the F&I module. In conjunction with previous Desk/Mate enhancements, this will now allow dealership employees to work on deals, print forms, bill out, close out, and unwind deals all in the Desk/Mate Module.

Features and Benefits:


In an effort to streamline Deal Processing in Auto/Mate, upon Desk/Mate Deal Close Out/Unwind Deals activation, the F&I program numbers listed below will be removed from the F&I Module Menu screen. Review documents that illustrate how to perform these deal functions in Desk/Mate are now available on AMU.

The general rollout to dealers is currently underway at no additional cost!

 Attention Office Managers

Have no worries! Deal Posting Templates will NOT be affected. The only thing that will change is how to access them… in Desk/Mate instead of the F&I Module.


For dealers who have the Desk/Mate module but are not currently using it, we highly recommend you begin using Desk/Mate.

Rollout Process & Self Training

We will update dealers in groups and they will be notified via the AMU “Heads Up” activation announcement when scheduled. In the meantime, we have created a Learning Path on the AMU Portal Training Center that contains review documents. Check it out!

To access the Learning Path, on the AMU screen, click on the TRAINING CENTER option and select MY LEARNING PATHS. The Learning Path titled “* New Feature Training – Deal Close Out & Deal Unwind in Desk/Mate” contains documents to learn the basic functions of the above enhancement.

The New Cashiering for Parts and Service Rollout is Currently UNDERWAY!

Are you still using the previous Service Cashiering version shown here?  

Click the button below to get the New Service and Parts Cashiering sooner! 

We now have a New Parts Cashiering program and Revised Service Cashiering program. Both programs will be integrated with the Cash Receipts Module to create Parts and Service Cash Receipts automatically when Repair Orders and Invoices are Cashed Out.

Key Features

New Parts Cashiering

New Service Cashiering

The general rollout to all dealers is underway!

We will be migrating dealers in groups. If you want to get it sooner, email the Go Team or call us at 518-831-2200.

For a smooth migration for your dealership, we have created a Learning Path on the AMU Portal Training Center that contains documents and tutorial videos. Encourage your employees to review the training materials prior to activation.

To access the Learning Path, select TRAINING CENTER and click on MY LEARNING PATHS. The learning path titled “New Feature Activation Training – New Parts & Service Cashiering and Cash Receipts Reconciliation” contains documents and tutorial videos to help your Service, Parts, Cashiers, and Office employees learn the basic functions of the new Cashiering features and know what to expect during migration.

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