The general rollout is underway. Click here for a sneak peek or go to the AMU tab to see if you have the new AMU!


The “AMU” Tab is getting a New Look and the migration is underway. Click here for a Sneak Peek!


| 2019 Accounting/Accounts Payable/Payroll/ACA Forms Year-End Guidelines are available. Click Here!

| It’s That Time Again! 2019 1099 & W-2 Forms Ordering Information is Now Available. Click Here!

| Newly Redesigned Report & Consolidated Financial Statement Menu Enhancement. Click Here!

| More States have been added to the list of available Predefined Unemployment Insurance Extract Reports. Click Here!


| ‘Tis the Season for Parts Physical Inventory. Click Here!


| GM Online Service Scheduling (OSS) Service Front End (SFE) Status Flags. Click Here!


Auto/Mate University (AMU) – New Look, Same Great Features!

In the coming days, you will begin to see the newly redesigned AMU Information Portal!

The New AMU Information Portal will provide you an easier navigation between the HDYK announcements and the Reference / Training Centers, better communication and Alert system, and images and slides to grab your attention and guide you to what’s important for you and your departments. Plus, it looks cleaner and brighter.


During the migration process, you might see a message letting you know that we’re preparing your New AMU Portal. If you see this message, have no worries, we will have your portal up and running as soon as we can.

Here is a sneak peek of the New AMU main screen:




2019 Accounting, Payroll, and Accounts Payable Year-End Guidelines

Read up on our suggested Year-End guidelines for Accounting, Account Payable, and Payroll. These guidelines provide the common practices for closing the year in the above-mentioned modules as well as forms, such as ACA Forms Printing Subscription, ordering information.


It’s That Time Again! The 2019 1099 & W-2 Forms Ordering

The ordering and pricing information for 2018 1099 and W-2 Forms is now available. The information provides ordering quantities, pricing, and two ways (via email or phone) to place your orders.

Follow the steps below to access the detailed guidelines and ordering information.

Click on the AMU Tab

– If you are still seeing the previous version of AMU, then click on the The Message Center.

– If you see the New AMU, then click on the the 2019 Accounting Year-End Guidelines… link on the HDYK listing and follow the screen.


Newly Redesigned Accounting Reports and Consolidated Financial Statement Menu

Auto/Mate has streamlined several reports in the Accounting Module. These new reports (Program 23, 24, 27, and 28) are easy to use and feature the same functionality and look plus the ability to easily save, print, or export. They also offer better navigation with point and click and keyboard hot keys.

We have a short document available on the AMU Reference Center. Use search keyword: acct-reports.

For those dealers who have Consolidated Financial Statement Companies, we also modified the Consolidated FS Menu. Some menu items have been eliminated and others have been modified

We have a short document available on the AMU Reference Center. Search Keyword: FS-Menu.

If your dealership has the minimum AMPS software version shown below, you already have the new enhancements.

AMPS Version: 3.5.463 or Higher. Click here for the location of your current AMPS version.


Unemployment Insurance Extract Reports are now available for certain states

For those dealers that have the new version of the Payroll Module :

We now have State Specific Pre-Defined Unemployment Insurance Extract Reports available. We currently have reports for 32 States and we will be adding more states in the coming months.

For the complete list of available Extract Reports, access the Predefined tab in the Payroll Module Program 7: Option 7.

Here are the recently Added Extract Reports:

    • South Dakota Quarterly Extract

    • Nebraska Quarterly Extract (With special edit instruction)

    • Kentucky Quarterly Extract (With special edit instruction)

    • Arizona Quarterly Extract

    • Wyoming Quarterly Extract (With special edit instruction)

    • Alaska Quarterly Extract (With special edit instruction)

    • Utah Quarterly Extract (With special edit instruction)

    • Rhode Island Quarterly Extract (With special edit instruction)

    • Idaho Quarterly Extract (With special edit instruction)

    • New Mexico Extract (With special edit instruction)

    • Indiana Quarterly Extract

    • Maryland Quarterly Extract

    • Mississippi Quarterly Extract

    • North Dakota Quarterly Extract

    • District of Columbia Quarterly Extract


The Special Edit Instructions, if available for your State, are now available on the AMU Portal Reference Center. Search Keyword: UI Extracts.


ATTENTION gm service departments

GM OSS – Service Front End Custom Status Flags

We now allow you and your employees to set Custom Status Flags in Service Front End (SFE) that can either push to, or pull from GM OSS to help identify transportation requests and Express Service.

Creating an appointment in Auto/Mate with an OSS enabled flag will push that appointment information to OSS.

Creating an appointment in OSS will push the appointment information and any applicable enabled OSS flag into Auto/Mate.

Customer Flags Setup:

  • 1. Select the System Configuration Gear

  • 2. Under General, select Customer Status Flags option

  • 3. Select the Status Flag you wish to edit and click Edit Status Flag in the bottom right corner

  • 4. You can now write a description up to 15 characters and select an image for the Status Flag


‘Tis the Season for Parts Physical Inventory

Are you ready to perform your annual Parts Physical Inventory? We have documents and tutorial videos on how to process it in Auto/Mate all in one place.

All are now available on the AMU Portal Reference Center.

Check your AMPS Version below.

This sample screenshot shows where your current AMPS Version will be displayed.

Check your Server Version below.

This sample screenshot shows where your current Server Version will be displayed.

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